Swim Lessons 2022

Swim lessons are available to members ($95 per session with $250 family max) and NON-MEMBERS ($125 per session- no cap max) who are at least 3 years old.  They are taught by qualified Ridgemoor instructors. Each session is two weeks in length and consists of ten, 30 minute long lessons. 

Please note, we cannot accept walk-ins. All swim lesson participants must be registered IN ADVANCE.

Session I

Dates: Monday June 6th- Friday June 17th

Time: 12:30-1:00

Lessons are every day except when there is a swim meet

Session II

Dates: Monday, June 20th- Wednesday, July 6th

        (no lessons--Wed., June 22, Wed. , June 29, Monday, July 4)

Time: 12:30-1:00

Lessons are every day except when there is a swim meet


Parent Information

Initial Assessment

On the first day of each session the lifeguards will evaluate the comfort level and ability of each swimmer.  They will be grouped accordingly, maximum of 4 swimmers per lifeguard.


Members: $95 per session ($250 family max)

Non-Members: $125 per session (No family max)


Please sign-in on the clipboard when you arrive so we can keep attendance.


Class will be cancelled due to bad weather (thunderstorms or cold temperature).  Make- up lessons will take place if needed.

Adult Observers

Due to the fact that many children are nervous about their initial swim lessons, it is our recommendation that adults leave the pool area during the swim lesson if your child is experiencing any anxiety.  Our guards are very experienced in dealing with nervous children.  Most swimmers overcome any initial anxiety within the first week.


Registration Forms and payment for Swim Lessons will only be available in person at the pool on opening day.  Please see Lisa Leonard (Pool Manager) for more details.  Space is limited and pre-registration with payment is required to fully lock in your spot.